This Day in Alaska History-August 12th, 1916

With the passage of the Organic Act of 1916, hunting on the Kenai Peninsula was brought to a halt and the U.S. Secretary of Agriculture, C. F. Martin, announced in a letter published in Alaska newspapers on August 12th, 1916 that hunting would cease until August 1st, 1918.

The ruling prohibited the hunting of Mountain Goats and Mountain Sheep for two years on major portions of the peninsula. The  hunting of Caribou in the same areas on the peninsula met the same fate with the same closure dates.

Not only was hunting curtailed but the sale of moose and sheep meat were prohibited unless the meat was accompanied by an affidavit stating that the meat had not been bought and wouldn’t be sold.

The Act revoked the game regulations of March and June of 1914 and those of June of 1915.

Hunting was once again allowed on August 1st, 1918.