Three Patrol Cars Damaged in Stolen Vehicle Suspect Apprehension

After a failed attempt to list a vehicle as stolen on May 17th, the vehicle in question was located on Monday. This led to a more serious incident that resulted in the damage of four vehicles including three patrol vehicles and two arrests, APD reported.

The vehicle, a 2005 green Chevy Suburban was stolen from the Spenard Rec Center late last week and while the current owner attempted to file a stolen vehicle report, because they did not have a bill of sale, title, or registration, or proof of ownership, they were unable to do so.

Then, four days later, a member of the current owner’s family called in to report that they had seen the purloined vehicle occupied and parked on the 600-block of East 16th Avenue at an apartment complex. That caller reported that someone was lying down in the back seat.

Patrol officers responded to the location and observed two individuals, a male and a  female, in the parked vehicle. Two officers proceeded to block the vehicle in to prevent flight and gave orders to the occupants to exit the vehicle. Instead of complying, “The driver put the vehicle into reverse and backed into a patrol car.  The driver then drove forward, put the Chevy into reverse, and backed into the same patrol vehicle again at a higher speed.  The impact of the collision caused the first patrol car to slide and hit the second patrol vehicle.  The driver pulled forward again, reversed for a third time, and hit the patrol cars hard enough to make them both move,” the officers reported.

That final impact by the Suburban left the stolen vehicle’s rear end atop the front end of one of the patrol vehicles. A K-9 unit joined the fray and used his vehicle to pin the Suburban’s rear tire. This prevented the vehicle from moving any further.

With his attempt at escape frustrated, the driver exited the vehicle without further incident, as did the passenger in the vehicle. Both the driver, identified as 38-year-old Torey J Tuttle, and the passenger, identified as 33-year-old Nicole M Webster, were arrested and remanded to the Anchorage Jail.

Tuttle was jailed on an existing felony warrant, three counts of Criminal Mischief III, two counts of Assault III and Theft III.

Webster was remanded on charges of Criminal Mischief V, Misconduct Involving Weapons, as well as an existing felony warrant.

While three patrol cars and the Suburban were damaged in the incident there were no injuries reported.

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