‘Tone’ Receives Three Life Sentences, Will Never be Released

As a result of his conviciton and sentencing, Stuart Seaugasala will never be released from prison. Image-Faecboof profiles
As a result of his conviction and sentencing, Stuart Seaugasala will never be released from prison. Image-Faceboof profiles

An Anchorage man received a sentence of three life sentences in federal court it was announced today by U.S. Attorney Karen Loeffler.

40-year-old Anchorage man Stuart T. Seugasala, also known as “Tone,” received three life sentences for his January convictions for drug trafficking conspiracy and two kidnapping charges. United States District Court Judge Ralph Beistline also sentenced Seugasala to seven years for firearms violations and an additional ten years for unauthorized access to private health information. The time for the additional charges are mute however, in the federal system, there is no parole available for federal prisoners. Seugasala will spend all of his remaining years behind bars.

Seugasala is no stranger to the penal system, he spent nine years in prison on a prior drug trafficking charge after his conviction in 2000. When he was released from prison, Seugasala returned to Anchorage and his drug trafficking ways. After his release, Seugasala also opened up a video gaming establishment named “Friendly Fire.”

It was in late 2012 and early 2013 that Seugasala became associated with Phosavan Khamnivong, also known as “PK.” It was that relationship with PK , who had served eight years of a 20 year prison sentence for murder, that would put into play a pipeline of Meth and heroin from California to Anchorage.

Then, on March 13th, 2013, Seugasala, PK, and Timothy Miller, also known as “Little Tone,” and Anoai Sialofi, also known as “A-Loc,” kidnapped, tortured and sexually assaulted two men over an unpaid heroin deal.

It was pointed out by prosecutors, that Seugasla directed the sexual assault of one of the victims that was video-taped. Seugasala, the prosecution contends, did so because the viewing of the videotape would intimidate others that that was the outcome if they did not pay their drug bills. The captive men were released after three hours after one of them agreed to pay their drug bill.

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One of the victims was severely injured by his encounter with Seugasala and his gang. He was admitted to the Providence Hospital for treatment. 

On March 15th, while at a Denny’s Restaurant on Benson in Anchorage, Seugasala got so perturbed at some of the other patrons at the restaurant that he followed a group of them as they drove away in their vehicle and headed south on the Seward Highway. When he caught up to them,  he opened fire on their car. The driver of the vehicle suffered a grazing wound to his neck as well as a wound to one of his fingers in the shooting. Seugasala hit the vehicle with gunfire several times. The driver, after the incident,  admitted himself to the Providence Hospital.

Seugasala would contact a friend that worked at the hospital, Stacy Laulu, and asked her to find out if either of his victims had contacted the police and reported his wrongdoings. He also asked her to access electronic medical files and get back with him with the results.

As a result of her divulging information to Seugasala, Luala went to trial with Seugasala and was convicted of  violating the privacy rights of the victims. She is scheduled to be sentenced on May 29th, and faces 10 years in prison. 

Timothy Miller, who took part in the kidnapping of the two victims was sentenced to 12 years in prison. The other co-conspirator in the kidnapping, Anoai Sialofi received 19.5 years in prison. PK is due to be sentenced on June 10 of this year.

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During sentencing, Judge Beistline was critical of Seugasala and stated, “You enjoyed being a drug kingpin, you seemed to enjoy the misery that you created, and you enjoyed your criminal posse.” Of the video, Beistline said, “This video is who you are. You enjoyed the drama, the power, the torture, and the sex assault. You were the one that asked that it be created, so you could re-live the excitement, to brag, and to use it for intimidation.” The judge continued, saying, “How a human gets to the point where he treats other people in such an inhumane way, so far beyond the pale it is difficult to describe the revulsion the community feels for these crimes.”

Saying that Seugasala could not be deterred, despite the fact that he was on supervised release from other crimes, and “the public needs to be protected from you,” Judge Beistline validated why Seugasala received three life sentences behind bars.

Seugasala will never be released from federal prison.