Trooper Track Probation/Parolee Four Miles to Healy Bar after Finding his Abandoned Vehicle Monday

Alaska State Troopers managed to track a felony probation/parolee through the snow on Monday night that ended in an arrest within a short time according to their dispatch on Tuesday morning.

Troopers came upon a broken dowh vehicle that had been abandoned on the Parks Highway near Healy. The officers would follow tracks leading away from the scene and decided to follow those tracks. The footprints in the snow led them to the Totem Inn approximately four miles distant.

Their investigation determined that the driver of the vehicle was 52-year-old Chad Garrett. When they made contact with Garrett, they found that he had used another patron’s phone and called a victim in a case that he was barred from contacting. Troopers also determined that Garrett had bought and consumed alcohol in a bar/liquor store also in violation of his probation.

It was further found that Garrett possessed and had been using a controlled substance.

He was arrested and charged with Probation & Parole Violations and a new charge of Unlawful Contact. He was transported to Fairbanks and remanded to the correctional center there.