Troopers Investigate Assault involving Suspicious Vehicle in Big Lake

Two women in the Big Lake area have had charges forwarded to the District Attorney’s office after an incident involving the two sisters in Big Lake on Tuesday, troopers report.

On Tuesday morning at 9:47 am, troopers received a report of a fight between two women on Birch Road in Big Lake. When AST arrived at the scene, they spoke with the victim in the incident. She told troopers that she had been attempting to take pictures of the vehicle that the two sisters were in , while she herself was in a vehicle. She had described the silver Chevy Impala as suspicious as it drove around through the neighborhood.

The woman and the suspects confronted each other as they were in their respective vehicles. That was when one of the suspects, later identified as Sabrina Luafulu, age 19, got out of the Impala and attacked the victim, causing injuries to the womans face and the top of her head.

Troopers attempted to contact Sabrina, and spoke to her sister, Lila Luafulu, age 22. Lila denied knowledge in the incident.

As a result of the initial investigation, troopers forwarded charges of Assault IV to the DA, in regards to Sabrina, while charges of Hindering Prosecution were forwarded against her sister Lila.

Currently, no charges have been filed with the court.