Troopers Looking for Escaped Koliganek Man

Collin Nicoli. Image-Facebook profiles
Collin Nicoli. Image-Facebook profiles

Authorities in southwest Alaska a seeking a Koliganek man who escaped from the holding cell in that community after his arrest for violating his conditions of release on the original charge of Theft I, and Criminal Mischief III, as well as a probation Violation for the original charge of Assault IV, the trooper dispatch revealed on Tuesday.

25-year-old Collin Nicoli was arrested after being observed away from his court-approved third party custodian on Sunday. After it was reported to Dillingham-based troopers, the Village Public Safety Officer took Nicoli into custody and placed him in the community’s holding cell. 

A short time later, Nicoli escaped from the holding cell and fled the premises. A search of the area came up empty-handed.

On Monday, an arrest warrant for Escape II and VCOR was issued by the Dillingham Court.

Troopers are asking that anyone with information concerning Nicoli’s whereabouts are urged to contact the Alaska State Troopers or the Koliganek VPSO.[xyz-ihs snippet=”Adsense-responsive”]