Troopers Respond to Teller and Investigate Three Cases of Vandalism

The Northwestern community of Teller on the Seward Peninsula. Image-Citydata
The Northwestern community of Teller on the Seward Peninsula. Image-Citydata

Alaska State Trooper John Stroebele responded to a report of vandalism from the small community of Teller in Northwestern Alaska on Monday after report of the VPSO office being vandalized.

While in the community, investigating the break-in at the VPSO office, which has been closed for approximately two years, Trooper Stroebele discovered that two vehicles had also been broke into. One vehicle had all of its windows broken out. It is unknown if the vandalized vehicle was or wasn’t abandoned, and the registered owner of the vehicle may or may not be aware of the damage. The other, the community’s honey-bucket truck, had a rock, stick, or pipe thrown through the window. Troopers believe that both incidences occurred on July 7th or 8th.

The trooper suspects that the vandalism was incurred by juveniles, there are no summer curfew hours in the community. Community members responded, that the persons responsible for the vandalism were probably “kids.”

The break-in at the VPSO office was reported on Monday, but the exact date of the break-in was not available to troopers. According to the report, “nothing appeared to be stolen from inside.”[xyz-ihs snippet=”adsense-body-ad”]

Damage of the VPSO office is estimated at $500, damage of the honey-bucket truck was also estimated at $500, while the other vehicle’s damage was estimated at $2,000.

Trooper Stroebele had no statement available in the investigation for ANN.

The community of Teller, with its population of approximately 230 inhabitants, is located 72 miles northwest of the city of Nome on the Seward Peninsula.[xyz-ihs snippet=”Adversal-468×60″]