Troopers Take Down Naked Man in Seward Highway Traffic Saturday

Alaska State trooper responded to mile 24 of the Seward Highway north of the city of Seward on Saturday afternoon after receiving a call of a pedestrian “creating a significant hazard” because he was walking in and out of traffic on the highway troopers reported Monday.

When Seward-based troopers arrived at the location, they discovered a naked 22-year-old man walking down the middle of the highway. Attempts to convince him to get off the roadway were unsuccessful and he began fighting and biting the trooper.

In addition, the suspect began slamming his head into the patrol vehicle. Troopers elected to administer taser and OC deployment in an attempt to take him under control, but they had no effect on him.

“The Trooper ultimately had to physically restrain the male with the use of his baton,” AST reported.

After he was taken into custody, the suspect was taken to a Seward area hospital for treatment and evaluation, troopers said.

Troopers say that charges of Assault IV and Criminal Mischief are forthcoming.