Two Arrested after Incident on Yukon River

Two Saint Marys men are in custody after an alcohol-fueled incident on the Yukon River near Mountain Village on Saturday night, according to the trooper dispatch.

Troopers in St Marys were notified that two men from that village, Everett and Brent Paukan, ages 30 and 29 respectively, while drinking had run their boat up on to a sandbar on the Yukon River.

The two men, who were reported to be extremely intoxicated, were helped off of the sandbar and told by Mountain Village Tribal Police Officers to head to shore and park their boat. Despite those orders, the duo proceeded downriver.

A short time later, reports came in to troopers reporting that the Paukans had pulled in to a fish camp on the river and began firing a rifle and ordering the people to leave.

After that incident, the two men returned to Mountain Village. When they returned, both were arrested on charges of DUI. They were released on their own recognizance pending arraignment in Aniak court.

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