Two Arrested in Anchorage after Multiple Investigations

An Anchorage suspect who has been evading APD for the last month was apprehended after an Anchorage woman identified him as the person who stole her bank card and money on August 23rd.

The victim called APD and described the person who took her stuff as having a spider tattoo on his neck and told police that he was at a house on the 200-block of Zappa Place.

APD responded to that location and when there made contact with a woman with her children. Officers also knocked on the garage door, and when they did so, they heard movement inside. They knocked several times before the suspect, matching the description of the thief, opened up.

When asked his birthdate, the suspect, later identified as Levi C. Evangelista, age 33, gave police a false one. When asked to place his hands behind his back as he was under arrest, Evangelista attempted to flee, but tripped over a piece of metal and fell to the ground and officers tackled him and took him into custody. During the pat-down search, officers found a syringe filled with heroin.

After being detained, Evangelista continued to give false names but fingerprinting would divulge his true identity as that of Evangelista. He was questioned by APD then remanded on two active warrants and charges of Misconduct Involving a Controlled Substance IV, Resisting Arrest and three counts of False Information. He was remanded to the Anchorage Jail.

Police stated that they did not have sufficient probable cause to charge him with the theft of monies and bank card that spurred his apprehension.

Evangelista has been evading APD since an incident that was called in to police on July 22nd. It was then that a victim reported that “he had been held against his will at gunpoint,” and one of the suspects was Lester Hunt III, age 29.

As officers were responding to the scene on the 200-block of North Park Street, they saw a pedestrian matching the description of the suspect walking on Mountain View Drive and Flower Street. Parol officers kept Hunt in sight until more officers could respond, at which time he was given commands and complied. He was taken into custody and transported to the police department for questioning.

The investigation revealed that the evening prior, that victim called in to dispatch and reported that someone threw a rock through the window of his residence. He was instructed to file an online police report but chose not to and reported it to his landlord instead.

When the victim returned to his residence four hours later and confronted his roommates, Hunt and Evangelista, they got into an argument and the victim told Hunt and Evangelista to leave. Instead of leaving, Evangelista “pulled a shotgun on the victim” and Huntt tied him up, police reported.

The two suspects then put the victim in a space beneath the stairs where he was ordered to remain. Some time later he was allowed out of the space and untied but one of the suspects remained with him at all times. By then, Hunt was armed with a handgun.

When the landlord showed up to fix the broken window, the victim managed to escape.

Following the investigation, Hunt was remanded to the Anchorage Jail on charges of DV Assault III, DV Assault IV, Misconduct Involving a Weapon-Felon in Possession and Theft II. He was also remanded on an existing warrant.

But, before police arrived, Evangelista fled the scene. A warrant was issued for DV Assault III, DV Assault IV.

APD applied for and were issued a search warrant to search the crime scene. During the search, a firearm that was reported stolen from a residence on the 16500-block of Centerfield Drive in Eagle River home during a burglary on July 12th. During that burglary the door was forced open and the home was ransacked. Several other items were stolen during the incident.

APD says the investigations are continuing and further charges are possible.