Two Arrested in Anchorage Following Disturbance with Weapon Call on Monday


A disturbance call from an Abbott Rd location prompted a patrol response after the caller reported that her ex-boyfriend was armed and attempting to break the windows out of the vehicle she was sitting in.

When the responding officer arrived on the 7000-block of Abbott Road, he saw the caller’s ex-boyfriend, Terrence Coates Jr, age 21, and two females outside of a Mercedes and two individual inside the vehicle. When Coates saw the officer, he tossed the handgun he was holding, aside. All five persons were detained for questioning.

The subsequent investigation revealed that Coates and the two females with him, one of whom was identified as Annie Dotomain, age 18, spotted the victim’s Mercedes parked in a lot at Abbott and Hillside Drive while in a Ford Escape. Coates got out of theĀ  vehicle and went to the Mercedes and ordered the victim and a male that was also in the vehicle, to get out. When they refused, Coates asked Dotomain, who had by then gotten out of their vehicle with the other passenger, to go back to the vehicle and retrieve his handgun.

Dotomain did so and handed the weapon to Coates who proceeded to use it in an attempt to break out the window on the Mercedes.

As a result of the investigation, Dotomain was remanded to the Anchorage Correctional Facility on two counts of Assault III and Coates, who had been drinking, was jailed on two counts of Assault III and a count of Misconduct Involving a Weapon IV.