Two Campers Injured in Hidden Creek Bear Attack Saturday

Image-Kenai National Wildlife Refuge
Image-Kenai National Wildlife Refuge

Two campers camping at the mouth of Hidden Creek in the Kenai National Wildlife Refuge were injured in a bear attack on Saturday the refuge reports.

The campers were attacked by a bear early Saturday morning. Following the attack the two campers managed to kayak to the Upper Skilak Lake Campground where the were assisted by campers there. The AST were contacted via satellite phone and notified of the attack. Troopers responded by sending a helicopter and ambulance to the location.

Alaska Department of Fish and Game (ADFG) Biologists and Federal Wildlife Officers with U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service traveled to the attack site by boat and once there retrieved the campers gear and opened an investigation. 

At the site, the officers discovered a collapsed tent that had DNA evidence from the marauding bear. Samples were taken to try and determine the species of bear.

The trail near the campsite was temporarily closed to hikers and campers and warning signs were put in place.