Two Fox Businesses Suffer Gunshot Damage over Weekend

Fairbanks-based troopers, on Monday, report that they received a report from a business-owner in Fox, that his business was riddled with bullet holes.

At 8 am on Monday, troopers went to the business to investigate the incident and found that the business had been shot at at least five times with a .45 caliber firearm.

Following this incident, another business in the area reported that they too had been a victim of gunfire. That business reported that their business, as well as heavy equipment at the location had been shot at several times.

According to the trooper dispatch, witnesses reported hearing gunshots in the area around 9-10 pm on Sunday night.

The investigation into the incident is continuing.

Fox, with its population of just over 400 residents, lies 10 miles to the northeast of Fairbanks. [xyz-ihs snippet=”Adsense-responsive”]