Two Remanded to Wildwood following Tuesday Morning Disturbance call from Copper River Seafood

Alaska State Troopers responded to the Copper River Seafood in Kenai after receiving a disturbance call from that location at 2:07 am on Tuesday morning.

Upon arrival at the plant, troopers opened an investigation that found that Leann Redfox of Emmonak had gotten into an altercation and during the altercation. She had assaulted Ruben Redfox, age 26 and broken a window.

It found that Leann was on conditions of release in a previous domestic violence case and so was taken into custody for violating her release. She was also charged with DV Assault IV, and Criminal Mischief IV.

Troopers had also found that Ruben also had a felony warrant for Assault III x2 and a petition to revoke probation but he could not be initially found as he had fled the scene. A search of the immediate area would locate him passed out in the passenger seat on the plant property. He had broken a glass door on the vehicle to gain access.

Ruben was taken into custody on the warrant and also charged with Criminal Mischief IV.

Both Ruben and Leann were transported to the Wildwood Pretrial Facility where they were remanded.