Two Taken into Custody after Commercial Drive Car Wash Drive-By Shots-Fired Incident Monday Evening


A call went in to the Anchorage dispatch at APD reporting a shots-fired incident at the Mountain View Car Wash at 7:55 pm on Monday evening, Anchorage police reported.

Patrol officers responded to 3433 Commercial Drive after the incident, with a vehicle and suspect descriptions were broadcast. One officer near the scene saw the suspect vehicle and aired its location that resulted in other officers attempting a traffic stop at Bragaw and Richmond Streets.

The driver of the suspect vehicle, a tan Toyota, refused to yield and instead attempted to flee. But, the vehicle crashed into a fence in an alleyway on the 600-block of Klevin Street resulting in four suspects fleeing on foot.

The chief suspect, 22-year-old Dobson L. Leifi, was observed entering an apartment complex on North Flower and police followed. Leifi would be found in the bathroom of an apartment there. A woman in the apartment, who was unknown to the suspect, reported that she did not hear Leifi enter her apartment as she was in a room not near the door.

Leifi was taken into custody, as were the other three suspects nearby. All four were taken in for questioning that resulted in two of the four being arrested and remanded. APD reports that the initial investigation revealed that the driver, 35-year-old Alexander Ellerbe JR was driving past the car wash when Leifi, from the back seat, fired multiple shots in the direction of the car wash. A woman in one of the car wash’s bays was not injured in the incident. 

It is unknown if the female was being specifically targetted and no motive was immediately apparent. The investigation is continuing.

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Following questioning, Ellerbe was charged with Fail to Stop, Reckless Driving, and Criminal Mischief IV, while the shooter, Leifi was charged with Misconduct Involving a Weapon I and II, Assault III, Criminal Trespass, and Reckless Endangerment. Both were transported to and remanded at the Anchorage Correctional Center.