Two Teens Arrested following Series of Armed Robberies Carried out in last Week


Following an investigation of three armed robberies that occurred in the last week, APD reports that they have arrested a 19-year-old teen as well as a female juvenile in connection to the crimes.

The investigation began after receiving a report of an armed robbery on the 3400-block of Tudor Road on Sunday before last. A teen victim called in to police and stated that the female suspect picked him up in a vehicle after communicating with him via Snapchat. The victim reported that there were several passengers in the third row of the vehicle and as they were driving, one of those passengers pointed a handgun at him and demanded his money. After taking the teen’s cash, he was forced from the vehicle while the vehicle drove off.

The following night, March 9th, another call came in to dispatch reporting another armed robbery, this teen victim, like the victim the night before, reported that he had been in contact with the female suspect via Snapchat. This teen was driving his own vehicle and so, picked up the suspect. A short time later the suspect told the teen that she needed to pick someone up. They drove to a parking lot on Abbott Road and parked. A person later identified as 19-year-old Ayauniq Rexford came up to the vehicle and forced him out of his vehicle at gunpoint. Rexford then drove off with the victim’s vehicle.

The victim’s vehicle was recovered after it was found abandoned at another location.

On March 13th, once again an armed robbery was reported to APD. Again, a male victim reported being robbed at gunpoint while in a vehicle near the Cuddy Family Midtown Park at approximately 9:15 pm. He too had a firearm pointed at him and was robbed of his money then forced out of the vehicle.

On Saturday morning at 7:45 am, Patrol officers spotted the suspect vehicle, a black Chevy Tahoe, on the Strawberry Road/80th Avenue area. The vehicle, with multiple people occupying it, was pulled over and the occupants taken into custody for questioning.

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After questioning, Rexford was ultimately charged with Robbery I and failure to stop at the Direction of a Police Officer I. The female suspect was arrested and transported to the McLaughlin Youth Center and charges of robbery and carjacking were forwarded to the Department of Juvenile Justice.