Two with Warrants Picked up by Troopers Patrolling Funny River Road

While on patrol in the Funny River area on Monday, troopers recognized two individuals that they had contact with in a prior service call.

AST made contact with the two and confirmed their identities as 21-year-old Cerena Patrice Richards of Happy Valley and 31-year-old Daniel Leigh Gentry of Soldotna, despite Gentry attempting to mis-identify himself as another.

Background checks found that Richard had an outstanding arrest warrant for Violating the conditions of her Felony Probation, was not within sight and sound of her court approved third party custodian and also was violating conditions of release on a Theft II charge for being in the company of Gentry.

Gentry was also found to be in violation of the conditions of his felony probation for Vehicle Theft I.

As a result, both Richards and Gentry were transported to Kenai and remanded to the Wildwood Pretrial Facility. Richards was held on $1,000 and a Court-Approved Third Party Custodian, while Gentry was remanded to serve 30 days in jail.[xyz-ihs snippet=”Adsense-responsive”]