Unresponsive Man at Glennallen Gas Station without Pulse Revived and Sent to Anchorage

Just after 12 noon on Monday, Glennallen-based troopers were alerted to an unresponsive male at the Hub gas station at mile 189 of the Glenn Highway.

When AST arrived, they discovered that the man did not have a pulse and was turning blue. 

Prior to trooper arrival, a man, believed to be an Ahtna employee, saw the man as he he fell, and began CPR on the victim, according to Hub Gas Station cashier Wanda Bell.

Not seeing the man fall, because she was working with other customers, she heard the commotion, and observed the man on the ground in distress, and immediately got on the phone to dispatch, as simultaneously, another customer, identified as Anthony Giovanni, came into the store to finish his transaction, then, rushed to the victim’s aid. She credits the good samaritan’s action in saving the stricken man’s life.

When the trooper arrived, he continued CPR and utilized an Automated External Defibrillator in an attempt to revive the victim.

EMS arrived on the scene a short time later and transported the man to the Crossroad Medical Center.

The man was reported to have re-gained consciousness and was further transported to an Anchorage Hospital for additional care.

AST did not reveal the victim’s identity.[xyz-ihs snippet=”Adsense-responsive”]