Valdez Suspect Arrested and Charged for Thursday’s Dual Stabbing at Boardroom Nightclub

Valdez police vehicle. Image-Valdez Police Department
Valdez police vehicle. Image-Valdez Police Department

The Valdez Police Department reports that the Valdez dispatch received a call reporting a dual stabbing at the local Boardroom Nightclub at 11:36 pm on Thursday night and both police and the Valdez Fire Department immediately responded to the scene.

When the authorities arrived at the bar, they found two patrons suffering from knife wounds. One with injuries to the head and the other with injuries to their chest. Both of the victims were treated at the scene then transported to the hospital.

Police say that they were also directed to the back of the bar where another patron had the suspect, later identified as 38-year-old Antonio Delmonte, restrained. Police took Delmonte into custody and opened an investigation at the scene.

Witnesses interviewed at the scene said that Delmonte had grabbed the first victim by the head and cut him alone the jawline. When the second victim attempted to intervene, he was stabbed in the chest.

Other witnesses said that they had seen Delmonte attempting to clean the knife off then tossed it outside the bar. Police would find the weapon approximately 75 feet from the rear door of the bar. When found, the knife still had hair and blood on it.

Delmonte was treated at the scene for injuries then transported to the Providence Valdez for additional treatment. When he was released, he was remanded to the Valdez Jail on charges of Assault I&III and Tampering with Physical Evidence.

At arraignment of Friday, Delmonte’s bail was set at $20,000 and a Court-Approved Third Party. He remains jailed at the facility.

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