Wasilla Man Sentenced in Glennallen on 2014 Moose Hunt Violations

image30-04-2014 06.35.13A Wasilla man, who was the subject of an investigation begun on September 14th, 2014, was sentenced in the Glennallen District Court last Thursday on three counts, including Sub-legal Moose, Wanton Waste and Unlawful Possession connected with a moose hunt that year.

39-year-old Wasilla resident Michael Estrada was sentenced to “pay total fines of $9000.00 with $3600.00 suspended and $5400.00 to pay, plus restitution of $1000.00. Estrada also had his hunting license revoked until 11/19/2017,” the trooper dispatch reported Tuesday.

It was on September 14th, that troopers received a call reporting Estrada. The caller reported that Estrada had shot what was found to be a sub-legal moose behind Eureka. After shooting the moose, Estrada walked up to the moose, measured its antlers, then went to his vehicle and drove away from the scene without salvaging the moose.

Following the call, troopers conducted an investigation and identified Estrada as the suspect. When confronted by Alaska Wildlife Troopers, Estrada admitted to shooting and leaving the animal in the field.[xyz-ihs snippet=”Adsense-responsive”]