Wasilla Woman Picked up on Probation Violations now Faces Contraband Charges


Alaska State Troopers report that they made contact with a Wasilla woman during a traffic stop at the Parks Highway and Boundry Street in Wasilla just after midnight on Thursday and found the woman had an arrest warrant and probation violations.

Troopers say they made contact with Pamela Apangalook and soon found she had a warrant and had absconded from her court-approved third-party custodian and so was placed under arrest.

Apangalook had several petitions to revoke her probation in the past on the original charge of an armed robbery conviction a decade ago. 

Troopers transported Apangalook to the Mat-Su Pretrial Facility in Palmer where she was remanded on the warrant with her bail set at $500 and to await a court-approved third party.

But, at 2:47 am, as she was changing into inmate clothes at the facility, Apangalook was discovered to have concealed controlled substances on her person.

Apangalook was further charged with Felony Promoting Contraband I and Promoting Contraband II. She faces pending charges of Misconduct Involving a Controlled Substance. Those charges have been forwarded to the District Attorney’s office.