With Voting Complete, Some Changes, But, Most Remain the same

Representative Don Young in Fort Yukon preparing to cast his vote in the 20-16 primary. Image-Office of Rep. Young

Representative Don Young in Fort Yukon preparing to cast his vote in the 20-16 primary. Image-Office of Rep. Young

As all votes are accounted for in the Alaska 2016 Primary, top spots in the U.S. Senate and U.S. House remain unchanged, but some changes have been made in the State Senate and House.

Senator Lisa Murkowski took the Republican ticket in a landslide bringing in 35,092 votes on Tuesday, almost 30,000 votes over her nearest competitor, Bob Lochner. On the Democrat side, Ray Metcalfe garnered 13,631 votes to run on the Democrat ticket in November.

For the U.S. House of Representatives, Don Young again handily won his spot on the Republican ballot with 34,540. He will face off against Steve Lindbeck in November. Lindbeck received 15,493 in a five-way Democrat race.

Of his win on Tuesday, Representative Young said, 

“It’s truly an honor to once again receive the support of Alaskans. As we move into the general election, I’m excited to bring my message for a stronger, more vibrant Alaska to every corner of the state. With the encouragement and enthusiasm of the Alaskan people, I look forward to building upon this momentum as we work to protect Alaska’s future and ensure our voices are heard in this politically uncertain landscape.”

“This November, Alaskans will be presented with a clear choice to represent them in the U.S. House of Representatives. A candidate who believes in big government policies and “Washington-knows-best” solutions; someone who will support the very people working to lock away Alaska’s lands and critical resources; someone with little to no ability to fight for our future in the face of an oppressive regulatory agenda that continues to jeopardize our state’s already sensitive economy. Or, a candidate with a proven record of standing up for Alaska. Someone who will leverage key positions in the House to protect Alaska’s many interests, to develop new growth and opportunities for Alaskan families and small businesses, and push back against job-killing rules and regulations that limit innovation and harm our economy.

“I am humbled by the support Alaskans have shown me tonight and I look forward to continuing our fight for Alaska’s future.”

Junior Senator Dan Sullivan’s seat was not up for election this cycle.

Lynn Gattis-R, who decided to make her move from the House to the Senate, lost her bid to become the Republican contender in Senate District D serving the Matanuska Valley. She lost to fellow Republican David Wilson in a 1,606-1,458 vote. Leonard Sullivan-R took the Republican ticket for Lynn Gattis’s House seat with 864 votes to Brandon Montano’s 623′

In another attempted transition to the Senate from the House Craig Johnson from House District 24 was swatted down by Natasha Von Imhof-R in a vote of 1,559-974. Von Imhof will face-off against Forrest McDonald-D in the fall.

Charles Kopp ran un-opposed for Johnson’s House seat on the Republican ticket, and is favored to secure it in November. He win face Sue Levi-D in November.

Bill Wielchowski-D ran un-opposed in this cycle’s primary election, but faces extremely tough competition by Republican Kevin Kastner come November for the Senate District seat  serving mid-Anchorage.

Johnny Ellis’s seat in Senate District J, which was up for grabs, was easily won by Tom Begich-D. There is no Republican contender for that seat.

In the lower chamber’s primary election, there will be some new faces. 

Leonard Sullivan took the Republican ticket for Lynn Gattis’s House seat with 864 votes to Brandon Montano’s 623.

Republican Delena Johnson won Shelly Hughes soon vacated seat in the primary with 1162 votes. She runs un-opposed in the general

In Southwest Alaska’s House District 38, Zach Fansler-D took Bob Herron’s seat away from him in a 1,061-to-827 vote, Fansler runs un-opposed in November.

House District 9’s incumbent Jim Colver-R was toppled by challenger George Rauscher -R 1219-1124. Rauscher runs un-opposed in the General Election.

Incumbent Wes Keller-R also lost his bid to his seat in Fairbank’s House District 10. Voters handed it up to David Eastman-R in a 762-548 vote. Eastman will face Christian Hartley in the General Election.

Bob Lynn was handily defeated by challenger Chris Birch 1069-747 in House District 26. Birch competes with Bill Goodell come November.

Watch for a close race in  House District 5 between Adam Wool-D Fairbanks and Aaron Lojewski

Houe District 15’s Gabrielle LeDoux-R ran un-opposed for her seat, but faces tough competition from Patrick McCormack in the general election

Matt Claman -D of House District took 1073 votes un-opposed, but faces an uphill battle in the General election against Marilyn Stewart, who garnered more votes in her Republican bid.

In House District 28, Jennifer Johnston walked away  with the Republican ticket and looks to do the same in November to secure that seat.

Gary Kopp-R took the votes in a four-way race for House District 30 and should easily take the seat in November

Jona Kreiss-Tomkins held her Republican ticket un-opposed but faces tough competition from Sheila Finkenbinder come November.

All precincts reported a vote count of 100%, with 98.4% accounted for in the U.S. Senate and U.S. House race.

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  1. stephenwrightalaska

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    Now if we can only get access away from the feds and protect our state and its natural resources. http://mustreadalaska.com/personal-representative-ballots-…/ WrightForAlaska.com

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    Alaska’s Next Write In Candidate, Coming for All of Alaskan’s vote 8 November 2016. Check for my adds to hit the papers and airwaves 6 weeks out. If Lisa CAN, STEPHEN CAN “ALASKA’S NEXT WRITE IN CANDIDATE”