Zoo Gardener Murderer, Clayton Charlie Pleas Out in Anchorage Court

The suspect, 33-year-old Clayton Charlie, who was due to go to trial reached a plea agreement with prosecutors on Tuesday of Murder II for the gristly death of Michael Greco in the parking lot of the Alaska Zoo that occurred on November 4th, 2018.

According to the Alaska Department of Law, Charlie “stole a red 2002 Chevy Tahoe from a residence on Vance Drive after violating multiple protective orders,” on the afternoon of that November day.

The vehicle was reported stolen and a warrant was issued for Charlie’s arrest. It was at approximately 7 pm that day that Charlie got into an altercation with Greco, who was the  head gardener at the zoo, and stabbed him several times and drove over his with the Tahoe before fleeing the scene.

The fight was reported to APD, who responded to the scene but did not locate either man and observed no signs of a fight.

It wasn’t until the next morning that another report was called in reporting the discovery of a body in another portion of the zoo’s parking lot. The investigation would find that a surveillance camera picked up the fight, stabbing, and subsequent running over the victim.

During the investigation, police would find that Greco’s credit cards and wallet were stolen and the cards being used at various locations around Anchorage. Surveillance footage at those locations captured the transactions and police were able to identify Charlie. 

As the murder investigation continued for almost two weeks, and APD sought Charlie, they would find that he had already been arrested in the prior stolen vehicle investigation on November 5th and was being housed at the Anchorage jail after attempting to flee patrol officers in the Mat Valley. He was charged with Murder I at the jail.

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In court yesterday, Charlie pleaded guilty to one count of Murder II. According to the terms of the agreement, Charlie must admit to stabbing and running over ZGreco, causing his death. 

The agreement further stipulated that Charlie serve no less than 35 years and no more than 55 years and must pay restitution to all victims. Prosecutors stated that “suspended time, the length of the probationary term, probation conditions, and parole eligibility/restriction are all left to the discretion of the court.”

Charlie remains in jail awaiting sentencing.