Additional Information Released in Saturday’s Sterling Trooper Involved Shooting

image30-06-2014 08.34.58The Alaska Bureau of Investigation released additional information into the trooper-involved shooting of the Sterling motorist, Jon Ployhar, that occurred at mile 82 of the Sterling Highway at 11:20 pm on last Saturday.

According to the report, Trooper John King, of the Soldotna Patrol, attempted to pull over Ployhar on a traffic stop for an equipment violation. Instead, Ployhar too Trooper King on a three to four minute chase before pulling into the driveway of a private residence, exiting the vehicle, and attempting to flee on foot.

Plohar ignored Trooper King’s verbal commands to stop and Trooper King gave chase. Trooper King caught up to Plyhar and attempted to detain him. “Ployhar resisted and a physical confrontation commenced where both men went to the ground. During the struggle, Trooper King was struck in the head and face by Ployhar several times. Trooper King attempted to use his Taser to gain control over Ployhar but was unsuccessful as Ployhar grabbed a hold of the Taser. Trooper King and Ployhar struggled for control of the Taser until Trooper King fired one round from his duty weapon which struck Ployhar in the chest killing him,” The investigation revealed.

Trooper King suffered injuries to his face and mouth, and was transported to the Central Peninsula Hospital by ambulance for treatment of his injuries, the trooper dispatch reported.

The autopsy performed on Ployhar determined that he died as the result of a single gunshot wound to the chest.

ABI stated that, “The investigative report when completed will be forwarded to the Department of Law’s Office of Special Prosecutions for a determination of whether the use of deadly force was legally justified under the circumstances.”[xyz-ihs snippet=”Adsense-responsive”]

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