After Successful SAR Troopers Remind Travelers to Take on Adequate Fuel

image30-05-2014 19.40.59Troopers in Northwest Alaska are reminding travelers to make sure that they travel with an adequate supply of fuel following a successful search and rescue operation that ended on the Kobuk River on early Wednesday morning.

It was at 10:35 pm on Tuesday that the Alaska State Troopers an the Northwest Arctic Borough Search and Rescue Volunteers began a search for 52-year-old Ray Sheldon, 52-year-old Perry Snyder and a child who were reported overdue. The three had left Kiana and had not arrived in Noorvik as expected.

Volunteers, who dispatched in two skiffs, located the missing travelers at 12:54 am on Wednesday morning. They found that the three people ran out of fuel while traveling the 26 mile journey between the two villages.

Troopers remind travelers to take on an adequate supply of fuel for their trips, they recommend that boaters keep a third extra fuel in reserve in addition to an adequate amount of fuel  to reach their destination(s).

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