Coast Guard Suspends Search for Missing Boater in Peril Strait

Troopers received a notification from Delorme Inreach that a device had been activated in the Peril Strait area at 8:25 am on Sunday morning.

The Coast Guard responded to the area and recovered the remains of Sitka man 49-year-old Sean Elliot in Goose Cove. An overturned boat was also recovered after it was found overturned in the area.

Elliot was reported to have been in the company of another boater, now identified as 45-year-old Sean Poffenbarger also of Sitka.

AST, AWT, Sitka Fire Department, Sitka Dive Team, Sitka Mountain Rescue, Sitka Police Department, USCG and the US Forest Service all responded to search for the missing boater.The next of kin for both men were appraised of the incident.

“We canvassed the water and adjacent shoreline in Peril Strait with air, boat and ground crews for two days to find the missing man,” said Lt. Matthew Spado, command duty officer for Sector Juneau. “Our thoughts and prayers are with the family and friends of Sean Poffenbarger during this difficult time.”

On Monday night, the search for Poffenbarger was suspended.