AKRCC Helo Lifts Fallen Climber and Partner from Goat Mountain


The Alaska Rescue Coordination Center contacted the state’s Search and rescue coordinator on Wednesday to report a fallen climber on Goat Mountain with unknown injuries.

They informed that the man’s climbing partner had begun the descent down to his fallen partner who had fallen approximately 500-feet and in the process lost cell phone contact.

Due to the difficult terrain, AKRCC accepted the mission and a HH-60G helicopter and pararescuemen were deployed by the 176th Wing.

The airborne rescue team located the fallen climber, identified as 25-year-old New Mexico resident Daniel Dresher, and after contacting the State Medical Examiner’s office was given permission to recover the body from the scene.

The aircrew transported Dresher and his climbing partner to Joint Base Elmendorf/Fort Rich where the SME and troopers were waiting.

Dresher’s next of kin were notified of the incident.