Alaska’s Northern Gulf Experiences String of Small Shakers Friday


According to USGS, four earthquakes occurred scant hours apart near and along the Aleutian Arc, the seismically active zone that rings the Gulf of Alaska from the Western Aleutian Islands to the east of Prince William sound. The first of the morning in this region occurred to the north of the arc in the Novarupta area four miles to the west of that volcano at 8:16 am.

The second quake, a 2.8, occurred at 10:46 am to the northeast of Larsen Bay on Kodiak Island. The next earthquake to occur happened to the southeast of Chignik at 12:53 PM on Friday, this was a 3.8 magnitude shake.  

Seven minutes later, at 1 pm, another brief shaker occurred to the south of the Kenai Peninsula and southeast of Port Graham, this one registering at 4.6 magnitude.

No damages or injuries were reported.