Anchorage Convicted Felon Arrested on Weapons Charges after Shots-Fired Incident on San Roberto


A convicted felon was apprehended after fleeing the scene of shots-fired on San Roberto on Tuesday morning.

APD was notified by a woman on the 4200-block of Saan Roberto at 10:42 am that she thought she heard gunfire and then discovered a bullet hole in her apartment’s bathroom wall.

Police responded and opened an investigation and witnesses were questioned. It was found that the suspect, identified as 41-year-old Jason K. Felder “was manipulating a handgun inside of an apartment when the weapon discharged,” APD divulged. That bullet traveled through the apartment’s exterior wall and entered the wall of the apartment next doo, traveled through a bedroom in that building, and ultimately embedded itself in the bathroom wall.

Witnesses reported seeing Felder “hurriedly exit the building and drive away in his white 2001 Chevy Blazer.”

As responding officers began looking for Felder, they would be informed that he was seen entering the Holiday gas station on Boniface and Northern Lights. When officers went to that location, they found Felder hiding in the station’s bathroom. He was immediately taken into custody and taken to the police department for questioning.

While Felder was being detained the search for his vehicle continued and it was soon found parked on the 5300-block of East 26th. When found it  had license plates not belonging to the vehicle.

Because Felder is a convicted felon he was charged with Misconduct Involving a Weapon III-Felon in Possession. He was also charged with MIW IV-Firing Recklessly, Reckless Endangerment, and Concealing Identity of a Vehicle.

He was remanded to the Anchorage Correctional Center, where, as of Thursday afternoon, he remains.

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