Anchorage Couple Sentenced in Major Meth Trafficking Case

Department of Justice’s Attorney, Bryan Schroder announced the sentencing of an Anchorage couple’s sentencing in a large 2018 methamphetamine distribution operation on Wednesday.

According to the release put out by DoJ, Charles Denver Phillips also known as  “Pup,” and his wife, Lois Latrilla Phillips, 46, were sentenced in connection to an investigation conducted by the Alaska State Troopers and the Federal Bureau of Investigation that uncovered a distribution operation and over 10 pounds of methamphetamine.

Pup Phillips, who is described as a career offender, having been convicted in two prior felony trafficking cases, was sentenced to 18 years in federal prison followed by five years of supervised release. At sentencing, it was pointed out that Phillips was on supervised release for a prior federal meth trafficking conviction when he took part in this most recent distribution operation.

Latrilla, Phillip’s wife, received a much lighter sentence as she had no prior criminal history. She is due to be imprisoned for a period of eight years in federal prison and four years of supervised release.

The investigation that led to the conviction and sentencing of Phillips and Latrilla began in August of 2018, when investigators found that the couple had been supplying a repeat customer from their Anchorage apartment.

On August 7th of that year, the repeat customer went to the duo’s home and Latrilla left the apartment and drove to a conex on a dog kennel property. She returned to the apartment using a roundabout route where she turned over drugs to Phillips who then sold 401 grams to the customer.

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Three days later, FBI and AST served a search warrant at the apartment and conex. In the apartment, they would discover 120 grams of meth packaged in baggies displaying scenes from the Disney movie “Frozen” several digital scales, packaging items, and $24,942 in cash. Also at the apartment, “Hells Angels” decor and clothing were found leading investigators to believe that Phillips was a member of that motorcycle club.

The conex was also searched and investigators uncovered an additional 10 pounds of methamphetamine.

At sentencing, the couple agreed to the forfeiture of the $24,942 in drug proceeds found in the apartment.