Anchorage Driver Racks Up Multiple Charges after Traffic Stop in East Anchorage

An Anchorage woman faces charges of Reckless Driving, Resisting, Fail to Stop, OUI, and Refusal after a prolonged traffic stop that was initiated at Creekside Centerr Drive and Muldoon Road on November 5th, APD reports.

At 4:18 am on Thursday an Impaired Driving Enforcement Officer on patrol at that location observed a white 2016 Nissan Sentra make a wide turn and not maintaining its lane of travel and opted to pull the vehicle over. When that officer turned on its lights, the driver, later identified as 26-year-old Elizabeth C. Nelson chose to not yield and sped away. The officer chose not to pursue.

At 5:47 am, another officer spotted the same vehicle stopped at the intersection of Patterson and DeBarr RRoads. The officer reported that the driver appeared to be passed out behind the wheel. When the light changed to green, the suspect pulled forward, then accelerated quickly while weaving on the roadway, according to the report. “As the officer attempted to catch up, she saw Nelson hit the curb, bounce off of it, then swerve back into her lane,” APD stated on Nixle. Nelson then ran the red light at DeBarr and Boniface as she was turning.

The officer continued pursuit and caught up to Nelson as she was turning in to the trailer park on the 1000-block off Boniface. Nelson came to a stop and then made a “several-point turn, all the while looking directly at the officer. Because conditions permitted, the officer continued pursuit of Nelson. The suspect  came to a stop after turning into a ditch near Turpin and 6th Street.

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The officer pulled in behind Nelson and pinned her in. In response, Nelson yelled obscenities and refused to obey commands issued. More officers arrived at the scene and blocked in the front of the vehicle. Nelson exited her vehicle and while waving her arms told the officers “that she had a weapon,” before climbing back into her Nissan. A short time later, Nelson, once again exited the vehicle, at which time officers “went hands-on,” and took her into custody as she physically fought and threatened to kill the arresting officers. No weapon was found on Nelson’s person or in her vehicle.

When taken to the Anchorage Jail for processing, Nelson refused to provide a breath sample so a warrant was obtained and her blood was drawn.

She was remanded on the charges.