Anchorage Man Charged with 16 Counts after Attempting to Steal Pickup

Alaska State Troopers responded the the Clam Gulch area north of Anchor Point at 6:02 am on Wednesday, after a caller reported that someone had attempted to steal his silver 1999 Chevy pickup.

After responding, they located 27-year-old Anchorage resident, Evan Lee Harrington, in the area. The AST investigation found that Harrington had stolen items that included a handgun, multiple credit cards and IDs and vehicle keys from other vehicles in the area. The items were returned to the rightful owners.

A background check by AST would find that Harrington is a convicted felon and is on felony supervised probation for Robbery I and Assault III.

Harrington was transported to Kenai and remanded to the Wildwood Pretrial Facility on:

  • Theft II x5
  • Theft IV
  • Misconduct Involving Weapons III
  • Criminal Trespass I x2
  • Criminal Trespass II x6
  • Making a False Report

He was held at Wildwood without bail.[xyz-ihs snippet=”Adsense-responsive”]