Anchorage Man Found Guilty in August Assault Case

32-year-old David John Graf Jr. Image-FB  Profiles
32-year-old David John Graf Jr. Image-FB Profiles

An Anchorage man who threatened to shoot his girlfriend and fled police with his girlfriend’s friend in the back of his vehicle was found guilty on multiple charges that included Assault IV, Failure to Stop at the Direction of a Peace Officer, Reckless Driving, Assault III, Unlawful Contact, and Misconduct Involving Weapons III.

According to evidence in 32-year-old David John Graf Jr’s jury trial, Graf’s misconduct was first reported by school officials on the girlfriend’s behalf when they had gone to the school to pick up her children on August 30th, 2017. After he gestured to his pistol that he kept in his waistband, the victim asked school officials to call 911. Graf took off from the school prior to police arrival, taking the victim’s car, keys and phone.

A warrant was issued for Graf’s arrest and officers went to the victim’s friends house where Graf and her were staying to execute the warrant. Just before police arrived at the home,  Graf had been trying to get the victim to leave with him in the car, but she refused to go and asked the friend to call 911.

The friend went out to the vehicle and sat in the back seat with the door open to talk to Graf. She was in this position when officers arrived at the residence. Seeing the police, Graf took off in the vehicle with the victim’s friend still in the back seat with the door open.[xyz-ihs snippet=”Adsense-responsive”]Patrol officers activated lights and sirens but Graf ignored the officer’s attempt at stopping him and sped through the residential neighborhood at speeds reaching 45 mph. He drove through a neighbor’s yard before crashing into a marsh getting the vehicle stuck. He exited the vehicle and attempted to get away on foot before being taken down by K9 Bravo.

At his arraignment, the judge ordered Graf to not contact the victim, but Graf ignored these orders and contacted the victim by phone several times on the jail phone.

Graf, a three-time felon, faces a sentence of up to 17 years in prison for his offenses. Sentencing is scheduled for October 15th.