Anchorage Suspect Arrested after Sunday Walmart Robbery

A report of a robbery with a knife at the Walmart on the Old Seward Highway late Sunday afternoon resulted in Anchorage police responding to the scene at 5:04 PM.

As officers were responding. It was aired over the radio that the suspect had left the area on foot and a description was provided. One of the responding officers reported that she had seen someone matching that description at 82nd Ave. and the Old Seward Highway.

When the suspect realized that he was being watched by the patrol vehicle. He began to run. But he eventually reduced his speed to a walk and then complied with the officer’s instructions. The suspect identified as Jesse R Rogers was taken into custody at that point.

When a computer check on Rogers was carried out, it was found that he was on probation. I adult probation was contacted and they reported that Rogers had to open felony cases.

According to the investigation, a greeter at Walmart heard a clanging noise as Rogers was passing by with a shopping cart full of items that he had stolen from the store. Police say the greeter did not say anything to Rogers, but then Rogers threatened the greeter with violence, at which point the greeter realized that the clanging that he heard was a knife being tapped against the cart that Rogers was pushing.

It was found that Rogers had stolen a duffel bag and filled it with items from the store then pushed the shopping cart outside at which time he grabbed the bag from the cart and left the area on foot.

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Police say that when Rogers was running from the police he had dropped the bag in a nearby gas station parking lot. That bag and its contents recovered.

Jesse Rogers was remanded at the Anchorage Jail on the charges of Robbery I, Assault III, Theft IV, and two counts of Violate Conditions of Release for a Felony.