Knife-Wielding Shoplifter Arrested for Robbery after Stealing from Anchorage Walmart

Walmart on A Street. Image-Google Maps
Walmart on A Street. Image-Google Maps

Walmart Loss Prevention on A Street contacted Anchorage police to report that there was a physical disturbance occurring there with a shoplifter armed with a knife at 10:21 pm Thursday. But, while en route, APD was informed that the assailant had left the store.

Armed with a description of the female suspect, and information from loss prevention, who were keeping track of her after she left the building, police located her on the south side of the building.

The responding officer kept the suspect in sight until backup arrived at the scene and commands were given and initially ignored. But, eventually, the suspect, identified as 29-year-old Tessa M. Morris sat down on the ground. Officers preceded to cuff Morris and “As they did so, they cold see a large hunting-type knife sticking out from her clothing.  The knife was seized as evidence,” APD reported.

While Morris was found to have dried blood on her hands, she refused medical attention.

The investigation at the scene would find that Morris had gone into the store and began putting merchandise into her pockets and a suitcase before walking past checkout and into the vestibule of the store. It was then that loss prevention confronted her and an altercation broke out, resulting in the LP being struck in the head. Morris continued to leave the store but was contacted by a security officer. Morris pulled out her knife and pointed it at the security guard causing him to back away.

As the security guard was keeping track of Morris and speaking with police, Morris walked up to an unoccupied SUV, slamming the hood and slashing two of the vehicle’s tires.

After her arrest, Morris was remanded to the Hiland Correctional Center on charges of Robbery I, Robbery II, Criminal Mischief III, Assault III, Assault IV, and Theft III.

The owner of the vandalized SUV was located and she agreed to press charges of vandalism.