Anchorage Woman in Stolen Vehicle Attempts to Ram her way out of Traffic Stop


On Saturday morning an Anchorage patrol officer at the intersection of C Street and Fireweed Lane observed a black Lincoln SUV pull up to the intersections and ran the plates on the vehicle. He would find that the vehicle had previously been reported as stolen.

When the officer attempted to conduct a traffic stop at approximately 1:30 am, the vehicle refused to yield. More officers were called to the scene. When those officers arrived, they proceeded to pin the vehicle in to prevent escape. But, the driver, later identified as Ta’Lora Thompson, age 26, had other plans and attempted to ram her way out of the blockade. She was unsuccessful in her attempt.

Officers issued commands to exit the vehicle, which Thompson initially ignored. After several minutes and multiple commands, Thompson relented and got out of the vehicle.

SShe was taken into custody and during her arrest, she was found to be in possession of a firearm she neglected to inform the arresting officers about. Also during her arrest, she was found to have “multiple stolen credit cards, checks, and IDs belonging to multiple people, and multiple sets of keys for different vehicles,” APD reported.

Thompson was transported to the Anchorage Jail where she was remanded on charges of Vehicle Theft I, Theft II x3, Misconduct Involving Weapons IV, and Resisting Arrest.