APD Asks Public to Refrain from Calling in Glenn Highway Mother Moose and Calves

Mother Moose and two calves. Image-ANN file
Mother Moose and two calves. Image-ANN file

The Anchorage Police Department asked the public in a Nixle post to refrain from calling 911 and reporting the mother moose who recently gave birth to two calves near the Fort Rich Overpass near the Glenn Highway.

They report that they have received over 100 calls in regards to the moose and say that the Alaska Department of Fish and Game have checked on the trio and state she and her newborns are fine.

APD asks that the public “not tie up emergency lines for a non-emergency situation and please do not call the police regarding moose unless there are extenuating circumstances.”

Police also ask that drivers do not stop to take pictures as they have received numerous reports of near accidents as motorists have stopped to do so. Also, authorities are concerned that the mother may become agitated with the increased attention and say, “Not only do we want to avoid vehicle collisions, but we do not want Mama Moose getting agitated which could lead to her charging and/or stomping someone who has gotten too close.”[xyz-ihs snippet=”Adsense-responsive”]