Bodies of Remaining Two Bethel Riders Pulled from Kuskokwim


Alaska State Troopers report that the bodies of the two remaining Bethel ATV riders were recovered on Monday and transported to Bethel.

Troopers revealed the identities of the two deceased as 47-year-old Nelson C. Jackson and 59-year-old Ernest N Demantle, both of Akiak. Troopers identified the three survivors as Reuben D Charles and Lawrence Charles of Akiak and Raymond Lee of Bethel.

According to the report, the five men were traveling to Akiak together on two four-wheelers when both vehicles went through the ice at the same time.

Another traveler on the ice witnessed the incident and immediately reported it at 7:30 pm.

Troopers and Bethel Search and Rescue advise that with warming weather the river is extremely hazardous and no longer safe to travel on as the ice is weak with open holes and rotting ice.