Both Occupants of Piper Crash in Kenai National Wildlife Survive Without Injuries

Crash site. Image-AST
Crash site. Image-AST

Soldotna-based troopers were notified of a possible crash of a Piper J3C-65 approximately 26 miles northeast of Kenai at 4:13 pm on Monday afternoon and HELO3 launched from Anchorage in response.

HELO3 located the crash site near Rabbit Foot Lake in the Kenai National Wildlife Refuge.

At the crash site were two survivors, an adult male and a juvenile. They were the only two occupants of the aircraft when it crashed. Neither reported injuries and declined medical assistance.

Both victims of the crash were transported by HELO3 back to Anchorage.

The National  Transportation Board was notified of the crash.