Caller Reports Shooting Woman, Ketchikan Troopers Find No Evidence

On early Wednesday morning at 2:18 am, a Kasaan man called the Kasaan VPSO to report that he had trespassers on his property.

The VPSO responded only to find that no one was on the property.

At 4:30 am, the same man called back in to the VPSO to report that three individuals had returned to the property. In addition, the man reported that an unknown female entered his residence with a rifle and that he in turn, shot her. He reported that the woman ran off into the woods with two men. He told the VPSO that he was held up in his house.

Ketchikan-based state troopers mobilized and traveled to Kasaan.

When troopers arrived at the reported crime scene, they could find no evidence of trespassers and could find no evidence that a person had been shot at the residence.

Further, troopers determined that the man was in a state of mental duress.

Troopers took the man into protective custody and transported him from the scene.