Car Thief Drags Owner Down Street, Apprehended at the Glenn Highway

APD located a stolen vehicle and arrested the driver on Sunday night after the owner of the vehicle reported that he had attempted to stop the suspects before being drug a distance down the street.

A call went in to police at 11:13 pm from a man who identified himself as the owner of a blue 2000 Jeep Grand Cherokee that he had spotted with two individuals in it, and tried to confront them in the area of Oklahoma Street and Peck Avenue.

During the confrontation, the caller said that the driver of the vehicle, who was later identified as 34-year-old Matthew Waters, drove towards him, almost hitting him. The owner said that he grabbed onto a rear door handle, and was drug approximately 100 feet before letting go.

When police responded to the area, they located the vehicle at Boniface Parkway and Mountain View Drive. Police activated lights and sirens, but the vehicle refused to yield and made a run for the Glenn Highway. They were unsuccessful in their attempt as patrol cars blocked them in before they could make the highway.Both Waters and his passenger were taken into custody, but  the passenger would  later be released without charges.

Waters was transported to the  Anchorage Jail. During processing, correctional officers would discover a credit card on Water’s person that did not belong to him. A check on the credit card would find that it was reported stolen out of a vehicle just three hours prior.

The suspect was charged with Vehicle Theft I, Assault III, Failure to Stop at the Direction of a Peace Officer I and Theft II.

The  owner of the vehicle was found to have received abrasions to his legs from being drug, but, did not require medical attention.