Chena Hot Springs Road House Target of Drug Bust Again

Commercial Grow operation. Image-DEA
Commercial Grow operation. Image-DEA

A residence at mile 12 of the Chena Hot Springs Road near Fairbanks was raided for a second time in five years as a result of its use as a commercial Cannabis grow operation, Alaska State Troopers report in the trooper dispatch.

After receiving a report of the heavy odor of Marijuana emanating from a residence on Chena Hot Springs Road, an investigation was initiated by the Fairbanks Statewide Drug Enforcement Unit on Monday morning.

The Fairbanks unit went to the residence, knocked and announced themselves, but no one was at the residence. Investigators, after discerning the odor of Marijuana themselves, and also observing other items near the house, applied for and received a search warrant for the residence. It was not disclosed what items were near the house that prompted the issuance of that warrant.

When they executed the warrant, they contacted 36-year-old Shannon Ray Breuer inside the address. When they entered the building, they found that the house had been converted into a commercial grow building and that no one resided there.

During the warrant execution, 139 plants were discovered and seized along with grow equipment by the Fairbanks SDEU.

This same address was the target of another raid in 2010. During that Federal investigation, 255 plants were seized from the building.

“After consulting with the local DA’s Office, Breuer was arrested on three counts of MICS IV and remanded at the FCC. Total estimated usable weight was 6.3 pounds along with 12 ounces of processed marijuana with an estimated street value of approximately $64,000,” the trooper dispatch states.

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While Cannabis smoking and limited growing recently became legal in the state, the sheer amount of the grow makes it a commercial operation and not one for purely personal use.

The investigation into the grow operation is continuing.