Coast Guard Plucks Lost Hiker from Mount Roberts

Location of Mount Roberts near Juneau. Image-Google Maps
Location of Mount Roberts near Juneau. Image-Google Maps

A Coast Guard helicopter crew, with two Juneau Mountain Rescue members, plucked a lost hiker from Mount Roberts late Thursday evening after he called in reporting his situation, the trooper dispatch reported.

30 year-old Bandar Alneami was hiking atop Mount Rogers and he was attempting to hike down from the mountain when he got lost in the fog, the report said. As Alneami attempted to find his way down in the fog, he found himself stuck in an area near a waterfall, and could not advance down the mountain safely.

Realizing that as night was descending, he called on his cell phone for assistance.[xyz-ihs snippet=”Adsense-responsive”]

The Coast Guard was alerted by the Juneau Police Department and a helicopter was launched to assist Alneami. Using GPS information gleaned from Almeani’s phone, the crew managed to locate the hiker, hoist him, and transport him to the Juneau airport. 

Once he reached the airport, alneami was further transported to the Bartlett Regional Hospital for treatment of mild hypothermia.