Domestic Disturbance Call Results in Two Burglary Cases Solved in Sutton

A disturbance call and the ensuing investigation at the scene in Sutton resulted in the solving of two burglaries that occurred just four hours before on Tuesday morning, AST reports.

At 7:29 AM on Tuesday morning, troopers responded to a disturbance and after investigating found that Grant Robert Wells had committed Assault III and Criminal Mischief V against a household member.

As the investigation at the residence progressed, and with evidence gathered at the burglary scenes, investigators developed probable cause that Wells had committed the twin burglaries, one at the Hilltop Premium Green Dispensary and the nearby Hilltop Tesoro Station just four hours earlier, at 3:30 AM. As a result, Wells was also charged with two counts of Burglary I, Possession of Burglary Tools, two counts of Theft III, two counts of Criminal Trespass I, Criminal Mischief III, and Criminal Mischief IV, AST said.

Wells was transported to Palmer where he was remanded to the Mat-Su Pretrial Facility and held without bail.