Elim Assault Suspect Jailed on 10 Counts


An Elim felon in that community on the southern shore of the Seward Peninsula has been arrested on multiple charges after an assault incident on Friday morning, troopers report.

At 4:42 am on Friday troopers were notified of an assault in Elim and responded to the rural community later in the day after requesting and receiving an arrest warrant. Upon their arrival, AST continued their investigation into the incident to find that 34-year-old Benjamin Daniels had assaulted another man by strangling and punching him in the face.

Daniels was charged with Assault I, II, III, and IV. Further investigation found that Daniels had also “placed six other people in fear of imminent physical injury,” and also was in possession of a handgun, and so was further charged with six counts of Assault IV and Misconduct Involving a Firearm III. Daniels, a felon, is prohibited from firearm possession.

Daniels was transported to the Anvil Mountain Correctional Center where he was remanded with his bail set at $5,000.