Escaped Ohio Teen Murderer Back in Custody after Escape

TJ Lane is back in custody in Ohio after six hours on the run after escaping prison.
TJ Lane is back in custody in Ohio after six hours on the run after escaping prison.

The nineteen-year-old teen, TJ Lane, who was convicted of the deadly February 2012 school shooting that took the lives of three and wounded three others is back in custody after a widespread manhunt in Ohio.

Lane and two other s escaped from the Allen Correctional Facility with two others on Thursday by scaling a perimeter fence at the facility. The two others, Lindsey Bruce, and Clifford Opperud, were captured. Bruce was captured soon after the escape, but Opperud was at large for hours before being apprehended.

As the search for Lane played out, the school where the shooting took place that landed Lane in prison for three life terms, was closed down as a precaution. Lane, serving three life terms with out parole, for the killing of the three teens,  Russel King, Nick Walczak, and Demetrius, in the cafeteria of the Chardon High School, was exempt from the death penalty for his crimes because he was a minor at the time of the murders.

In court after the murders, Lane shocked all in attendance, he wore a t-shirt into the court with the word “killer” scrawled across the front in big letter. During the court proceedings, he would smirk at the victim’s families while giving them the finger.

Lane was captured early Friday morning, approximately six hours after he and his two accomplices escaped at 7:30 pm Thursday night. When caught he was near a church north of the Allen Prison in Lima, Ohio. He was captured just 100 yards from the vicinity where he escaped.

The investigation into the escape is continuing and reports say that officials at the facility knew of the planned escape before it occurred, but the tip wasn’t acted upon. One prisoner in the same unit was placed in segregation after his escape plans were discovered, but no further action was taken to secure the unit.

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Lane now faces further charges of escape.