Ex-Boyfriend Apprehended after Crawling into Ex-Girlfriend’s Attic

An Anchorage man was arrested on several charges on Friday morning after his ex-girlfriend contacted APD to report that her boyfriend was attempting to gain entrance to her home at 5:30 am

When officers arrived at the scene on the 3100-block of Northwood Drive, they observed the suspect, identified as 34-year-old Dateen Arkell, climbing up a ladder and gaining entry through the attic.

The victim remained locked in her room throughout the incident and was not harmed.

Arkell fled to the basement of the home to hide from police but was subsequently taken into custody.Arkell, who was under conditions of release in an Assault case, was not to have contact with the victim. He also had an outstanding warrant for criminal mischief.

He was transported to the Anchorage Jail on charges of Burglary I, Assault IV and Unlawful Contact.