FAI Assists in October Airport Drug Seizure

Worker harvesting opium latex from poppies. Image-CIA/Public Domain
Worker harvesting opium latex from poppies. Image-CIA/Public Domain

The Fairbanks International Airport reported on Wednesday, that they assisted in eliminating illegal drug transportation during an incident on October 1st of 2017 when they investigated a passenger at the airport.

According to their report, on October 1, personnel at the airport responded to a request for assistance at a screening checkpoint at the airport for a passenger transporting a mix of numerous types of drugs. After they responded, they found that the passenger “possessed a mix of numerous types of drug controlled substances without a prescription and an unknown substance labeled as Opium Raw Latex.”

After the seizure of the suspected drugs, lab results would find that the substance labeled “Opium Raw Latex,” was in fact, a mixture of codeine and marijuana hash oil. Subsequently, the Fairbanks International Airport is pursuing felony drug charges.[xyz-ihs snippet=”Adsense-responsive”]“The airport is committed to helping eliminate illegal drug transportation and building a Safer Alaska for everyone,” said Airport Manager, Jeff Roach.

FAI stated that they are committed to doing their part in Governor Walker’s declared public health crises against Alaska’s opioid epidemic.