Fairbanks Driver Gathers Multiple Charges after REDDI Stop


A Fairbanks camper driver landed in jail on multiple charges after the camper he was driving was called in as a REDDI(report every dangerous driver immediately) on Saturday evening on the Richardson Highway, troopers reported.

A caller reported a camper “weaving all over the road, nearly going off the road twice,” at 7:37 pm on Saturday. Troopers responded and soon located the camper and its driver in North Pole. Troopers contacted 50-year-old Michael Davis of Fairbanks and performed a traffic stop. 

Subsequent to that stop, Davis was placed under arrest for DUI. After being placed under arrest, Davis was transported to the Fairbanks Memorial Hospital for a medical evaluation. But, Davis, while at the hospital, attempted to flee from troopers on foot. He got as far as the parking lot before being taken into custody again.

Davis was further transported to the Fairbanks Trooper Post for Datamaster processing but refused to give a sample of his breath.

As a result of his actions, Davis was charged with DUI, Chemical Test Refusal, and Escape. He was remanded to the Fairbanks Correctional Center to await arraignment.