Fairbanks EMS Fire Extricate Fairbanks Man Trapped Under Shower for Three Days

Alaska State troopers were met with wheels for help when they knocked on the door of the Fairbanks residence during a welfare check on Sunday afternoon.

After hearing the calls for help at just after 1230 on Sunday afternoon, Cooper’s forced open the door at the Peger Road residence, to discover a 67-year-old Fairbanks resident “stuck under the platform for the shower,” troopers reported.

TheĀ  victim told troopers that he had spent the last three days trapped under the shower, after he had fallen head-first into a confined space, then managed to wiggle under the shower, where he remained trapped.

The victim, who was reported in good health, told troopers, that he was able to reach some bottled water from where he was trapped.

The Fairbanks Fire Department and EMS were able to disassemble portions of the shower to reach the victim and extricate him from his predicament.[xyz-ihs snippet=”Adsense-responsive”]